"When I first purchased my Mini Jumbo Vail Acoustic Guitar, I was amazed initially at how loud and ambient this guitar was.  However, I didn't truly realize until I was in a recent recording session and the recording engineer and I could not believe how truly loud this guitar was in such a big room.  I'm convinced that Vail Acoustic Guitars are simply the best hand-built guitars on the planet."  

Michael Dempsey

"Really Good Job!  I could be inspired to write some new music with this guitar."

Phil Keaggy

Renown contemporary Christian recording artist.

In reference to the Vail Mini Jumbo Short Scale (24.9).

"I'm really happy with my Vail Guitar.  I love the way it cuts through in a blue grass jam."

Reed C. Snyder, Massachusetts 

Owner of a Vail HD-35

"I am very impressed with the balance, clarity and projection of the Vail Mini Jumbo."

Kevin Becker, Hyde Park, NY

Founder of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild


"Never had a guitar with such great tone and beauty. I love my Vail Guitar. Thanks Gary

for superb craftsmanship."

Frank Gallo, Salt Point, NY

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