Meet Gary Vail - Luthier Of Vail Guitars

My name is Gary G. Vail. My first priority is to be a man of integrity and bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ in all that I do. I am fully committed to serving my wife June and my three sons Isaiah, Nathaniel, and Jesse. Last but not least is my passion for building fine handcrafted acoustic guitars.

My love affair with the guitar began around the age of ten. One Sunday afternoon I was totally consumed with my first construction project, a two story tree house. Later that same evening I watched in amazement the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. From then on my life would always revolve, in one way or another, around wood and music.

Fast forward through the years and I have become a master carpenter and owner of my own construction company. I still enjoy singing and playing the guitar at occasional gigs. During the 1990 s' I started to utilize my carpentry skills to do maintenance and basic guitar repairs for my self and friends.

Eventually my passion to build fine handcrafted guitars led me to study with George Morris at Vermont Instruments. George is a very talented teacher who prior to starting his own school taught for Charles Fox at Guitar Research and Design.

In conclusion, the best reference I can offer is when you hear, feel, and see the quality of my guitars, you will want to make your next purchase a Vail guitar.

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